Tuesday, November 10, 2009


 Yesterday I made myself a delcious carrot, celery, and apple juice. I love to have some sort of fresh drink whether it be juice or a smoothie. like right now I'm drinking a chocolate and peanut butter smoothie ;D
after riding my bike around for a while (actually my dad's bike), I stopped by Whole Foods to get some lunch. It's all vegan and delish. I also picked up a tea that I've heard so much about and it was half off! I can't wait to try it, it's my kind of tea!

 This is my cat, Luna, laying down in someone else's backyard..... she escaped from me and got me quite frustrated but thankfully she jumped back over and I caught her. Spoiled cat.

I also took "before" pictures that I probably won't post until it's "after". I think I will write about my weight loss/fitness journey sometime soon. 
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